Optimus humanoid robot already works at the Tesla factory

Optimus, Elon Musk's humanoid robot, already works autonomously in his Tesla electric car factory

Elon Musk has a special worker in his Tesla factory. This is the Optimus humanoid robot that works autonomously in the facilities.

The android was first released in 2021 under the name Tesla Bot, and was conceived to perform the “repetitive, dangerous or boring tasks” that humans currently perform.

At its launch, Optimus was 1.73 meters tall and weighed 57 kilograms. It is known to be “equipped with a series of sensors and cameras that allow it to imitate human movements with precision.”

Its capacity allowed it to carry up to 20 kilograms and move at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour.

The updated version has sensors designed by Tesla, is 10 kilograms lighter, and its walking speed is 30 % higher.

Its design allows it to recognize objects, perform tasks autonomously, as well as navigate through different environments.


Source: 20minutos

(Reference image source: @seo_contenidos, X)

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