Nicolás Maduro approved more than USD 7 million for research projects

More than 7 million dollars were approved by the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, to finance 210 research projects in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, hydrocarbons, telecommunications, industry and education sectors

On Thursday, May 23, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that he has allocated $7,657,093 to finance 210 projects in different key areas for the country, most of them led by women.

In a televised event, Maduro declared: “Today we are going to deliver the corresponding amount in dollars, to 7,657,093 dollars, doing a lot with what we have and generating resources, generating more and more resources based on the research applied to the technology, health, education.”

He highlighted that 821 women participate in the 210 projects that will be financed. He explained that of the total number of projects, 70 in the research area are related to the agri-food sector, “41 to the pharmaceutical sector, 29 to the field of social sciences, 15 to the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, 14 to hydrocarbons, 14 to the environment, 6 to the industry, 10 to the scientific hotbed and 1 to education.”

Maduro insisted on the need to disseminate these initiatives so that the population is aware of what is being done: “We must make a communication effort through the networks, the media, by institution, by university, so that the example of All these research projects, applied technology, infect generations of young people who are being trained throughout the country with a thirst for knowledge.”

The president also referred to the importance of activating the mechanisms for assigning training scholarships in postgraduate and higher preparation programs to all scientists in the country, both in national universities and for institutions abroad.

In this regard, he mentioned integration with the BRICS group, as an alternative so that Venezuelan researchers “can study in universities outside the country so that they can assume cooperation in knowledge and articulation with the world that has already been born.”


Source: elaragueno

(Reference image source: Unsplah+, in collaboration with Karolina Grabowska)

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