Musk trial to start in October

The CEO of Tesla will have to appear before the jury in October for having retracted from buying the social network Twitter

The American businessman Elon Musk announced some days ago that he would cancel the purchase of the social network Twitter, alleging that the company did not share the requested data on the exact number of false accounts on the platform, so he decided not to continue with the transaction.

After this decision, Twitter decided to sue the CEO of Tesla with the intention that he does make the purchase. Now, according to the decision of the commercial court that will handle the case, it has been indicated that the trial between Twitter and Musk will take place in October.

With this action, the social network wants to force the businessman to complete the acquisition of the company for the agreed 44,000 million dollars.

Twitter asked the Court based in Wilmington, Delaware, United States, to see the matter “as soon as possible” given the damage it is suffering due to the slowdown in the operation.

For his part, the billionaire businessman requested that, at the earliest, the trial start in February 2023.

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Source: elsumario

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