Microsoft will have ChatGPT

The company indicated that ChatGPT will be part of its services in Azure OpenAI Service

Microsoft announced that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI ChatGPT will soon be available on its Azure OpenAI Service, which will also become generally available to enterprises.

As the technology company indicated on its blog, this is one more step to continue its commitment to “democratize AI” based on its continued partnership with OpenAI. With this, Microsoft intends to provide the necessary support so that its customers can create “state-of-the-art applications.”

The tech giant debuted the Azure OpenAI service in November 2021, and until now it was only available to a limited number of enterprise customers. However, Microsoft said it is expanding this service towards general availability to any customer.

This service gives customers access to different OpenAI tools to use in their own cloud applications. These tools, which Microsoft describes as “the world’s most advanced AI models,” include the GPT-3.5 and Codex language system, as well as the Dall-E model, which is used to generate images from text cues. . All backed with “reliable” enterprise-grade capabilities and “optimized infrastructure.”

On top of all this, Microsoft will soon add the ChatGPT AI chatbot, as Microsoft Corporation CEO Satya Nadella reported on Twitter. The company defines it as an enhanced version of GPT-3.5 that has been trained to run inferences on the Azure AI infrastructure.

GhatGPT has the ability to return long and coherent responses that are not easily identified as responses generated by a machine, hence the importance that this program is gaining in the AI sector with all possible applications.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Business Yield)

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