Meta would allow creating virtual universes with voice commands

The company introduced a tool called BuilderBot, which allows you to create universes using a voice assistant

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, presented its latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) tools for the metaverse, including BuilderBot, a system capable of building virtual universes from voice commands to an assistant.

“Building for the metaverse will require great advances in artificial intelligence“, said the company, which also discussed its research in this field as part of its Meta AI: Inside the Lab event.

Among the most notable new features is BuilderBot, an AI system showcased by Meta that allows users to generate items in the metaverse or import them from other sources using voice commands.

In a demo video in which CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself participated, Meta showed how, using voice commands led by “Hey, BuilderBot,” the system is capable of creating a tropical island in a minute: setting up the landscape (create a park, add a beach, add clouds), as well as adding things like tables, drinks, and even playing music.

The company also presented a series of AI tools with which it seeks to develop the future of the metaverse, starting with the purpose of creating a universal translator that works in real time.

Source: dpa

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