Meta announces news in monetization

The company owned by Facebook published new features that the monetization project will have

Meta announced updates to Facebook and Instagram monetization options for content creators, including a new marketplace and opening up the Reels bonus program to more people.

The company is currently testing a marketplace for creators on Instagram, a space where they can “get discovered and get paid,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post.

Creators will be able, with the new interoperable subscriptions, to offer subscribers who have on other platforms access to exclusive groups on Facebook. And earn money through stars, which allow you to monetize live streams, videos and Reels based on the amount of these elements you receive, now that they are being extended to all eligible creators.

Zuckerberg also announced the start of his monetized Play Bonus program, which will “soon” be available to “more creators on Facebook.” It will also allow Reels to be published on the main social network and monetized.

Another novelty focuses on digital collectibles. The test currently being carried out on Instagram, and with which Meta allows creators to display their non-fungible tokens (nft), will be extended to more people and will soon be available on Facebook as well. The test on the latter will begin in the United States and will allow cross-posting on both platforms.

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