Latest Blockchain Trends at Revelation Hackathon

On April 25, the Revelation Hackathon event will be held at the Tamanaco hotel, in Caracas, with the aim of presenting the latest trends in blockchain technology

BNB Chain together with CoinCoinX are organizing the Revelation Hackathon, which will take place next Monday, April 25, starting at 4:00 p.m. in the Naiguatá Room of the Tamanaco Intercontinental Hotel, in Caracas. The event will aim to present the latest trends in blockchain technology.

Revelation Hackathon, is a world event where the latest preferences of blocks technology and the projects that are being developed within the cryptographic system are exhibited.

On this occasion, the organizers will present the main programmers, who, through their collaborative work, seek an answer to “a challenge or technical problem of an organization in record time-” Said response will be presented “in the form of a finished prototype for an innovative product, service or business model”, the organizers indicated through a statement to the media.

Revelation Hackathon focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The organizers of Revelation Hackathon plan to hold 6 different exhibitions, lasting approximately 20 minutes, where they will address topics such as:

  • Platform and process to acquire cryptocurrencies
  • blockchain trends
  • BNB Chain ecosystem

In addition, the event plans that all the presentations have time to answer all the concerns of the attendees, as well as networking spaces at the end of the presentations.

The concept of “hackathon” dates from approximately 1999 and since then they have not stopped increasing globally, however, it is the first time that it will be held in Venezuela.

M. Rodríguez

With information from press release

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