Lasso launches song “Bilingües” together with Mau and Ricky

Lasso's new song, a collaboration with Mau and Ricky, is part of the first preview of the next album to give more strength to indie-pop

“Bilingües” is born from the union of three talented Venezuelan singers. A song that, under the guidelines of pop, gives total room to romance regardless of the language.

This song is the first preview of Lasso’s new album. It has a chorus with very good harmonies, making it super catchy. The musical theme, which includes words in both Spanish and English, is the perfect union of these three artists, to make “Bilingües” a true hit.

The video clip was produced by We want to flim and directed by Charlie Nelson. It takes place in an elevator, where the encounter between a woman who only speaks English and a Spanish-speaking man is recounted. Who, after leaving words aside and paying attention to body language, perfectly represent the essence of “Bilinguals”.

The story behind the song, Lasso tells it as follows: “it arose from a disdain I had a few years ago with a person I dated who didn’t speak English, that’s where everything comes from. I really liked this woman, but there was no way, because suddenly I realized that she was engaged to someone else, that’s where the song came from.”

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With information and images provided by OYE / Laura Sequera

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