Labor productivity in Latin America must improve

La Organización Internacional del Trabajo planteó la necesidad de crear nuevas estrategias para fomentar la productividad laboral en la región

The International Labor Organization (ILO) raised the need to formulate effective strategies to increase labor productivity in Latin America, given the evidence of a persistent regional lag that compromises the possibilities of a future of work with sustainable growth and more and better jobs. .

The agency’s new report highlights the “urgent need to systematically understand the factors that contribute to the sustained increase in productivity, and on that basis encourage instances of social dialogue necessary to accompany and regulate the inevitable transitions that this process entails”.

In the opinion of the ILO regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Claudia Coenjaerts, this part of the world faces “structural challenges” given the “wide productivity gaps” within countries between productive sectors, companies and groups of workers , in addition to other external ones that have been amplified with respect to more advanced countries in the framework of the acceleration of the digital transition and technological change.

In this sense, Coenjaerts considers that the region needs “a renewed and in-depth debate in the region where the main factors that drive increased productivity, the digital transition and the repercussions of these processes on decent work are addressed”.

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Source: dpa

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