Jagi Caps presents a new collection of caps dedicated to Venezuela

It is “a celebration of Venezuelan pride and the majesty of the country's natural beauties, on this occasion the Angel Falls in Canaima”

Jagi Caps has announced and presented a new collection and series, inspired by the most precious natural treasures of Venezuela; this time the Angel Falls in Canaima.

The exclusive line of caps is not just a set of fashion accessories, but a well-deserved tribute to the impressive and emblematic Angel Falls, a very popular Venezuelan international reference.

“With this collection dedicated to Venezuela, we want to convey the pride we feel in our homeland and its natural beauties,” says Jagi Caps in a statement.

In favor of environmental culture and the preservation of nature

The caps in the collection are made with high-quality materials and finishes, combining comfort, including convenient ventilation, and style. We are already planning and working to ensure that more designs incorporate details that represent iconic places in Venezuela, as well as patterns and colors that reflect the vibrant Venezuelan culture and its regional traditions, but in a line of advanced creative innovation and modernity.

The collection will be available on the Jagi Caps Venezuela online site, in its physical stores throughout the nation and in other selected points of sale. As is known, it is an international brand with more than 20 years, which is distinguished by the high quality of its products, its avant-garde designs, as well as the environmental friendliness of the materials it uses.

Lovers of nature and good taste will not want to miss this unique opportunity to wear a reminder of our beautiful and beloved Venezuela on their heads, so to speak, in each cap. They are products for all occasions and uses, being available for men and women, adults and children. More, to be fashionable, and learn about other collections, by clicking here.

Reference images source: JCV / FT

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