Instagram will allow large content creators to design a bot of themselves with AI

Meta will allow content creators on Instagram to design a bot of themselves with the help of AI to interact with their followers

Meta is about to launch a new AI-based feature that will allow top content creators on Instagram to design a bot of themselves that interacts with their followers.

These chatbots translate into personalized user AI that could ease the workload of content creators, particularly those who have a large following. By having a chatbot that serves their fans, they can take care of administrative tasks, such as responding to comments more quickly.

What will chatbots on Instagram be like? Meta seeks to imitate “the communicative style, expressions and tone of the content creator to be able to respond to fans as if it were him or herself.”

The idea is tempting, although there is already talk of a possible negative effect on fans or followers, as they could feel neglected or perceive a “cold, distant and impersonal” interaction.


Source: marketing4ecommerce

(Reference image source: Solen Feyissa in Unsplash)

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