Google will require identity authentication to advertisers

The server will alert advertisers when they must present their identification documents

The American multinational, Google, has reported that it will alert all advertisers on the accreditation of their identity in order to continue operating on the server. The verification dynamics will be carried out through a control program where advertisers should provide official information specifying who they are and where they are located.

According to what the company has expressed in its official blog, Google is committed to “providing our users with transparency, alternatives and control when it comes to the ads they see on our platforms.”

Although there is still no more detail on the exact date for the implementation of the program, it is known that from this summer the initial phase will be executed and the United States will be the first to test it. Later it will be applied in the rest of the market where Google operates.

According to the company, this measure will allow a significant expansion of Google’s advertising transparency and although at first glance it can be seen as an easy task, the company assures that it could be a challenge because they will have to work hard to get all active advertisers run their campaigns by previously providing a series of data.

Once advertisers receive the verification request from Google, they will have a period of 30 days to respond to said request. The first phase will consist of focusing the content corresponding to: promotion of products, goods and services; promotion of informative, educational or advisory content and promotion of content related to regulated industries.


Source: marketing4ecommerce

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