Google introduces a new integrated view for Gmail

The internet giant Google is presenting a new integrated view of Gmail that will be mandatory for all users from the second quarter

Google has unveiled a new integrated view design for its Gmail email service, making it easier to access other tools. It will be launched from February and will gradually extend until the end of the second quarter, when it will be mandatory for all users.

The new integrated design of Gmail provides unified access from the mail service also to Workspace services such as Meet video calls and Chat messaging, as reported by Google in a statement.

This integrated view means that users don’t have to switch tabs or open a new window in Gmail when they want to join meetings or search for important conversations.

The American company has shared its plans for the launch of the new unified view of Gmail, which will begin on February 8, when users who wish to can start testing the design if they accept a notification that will appear in their emails.

Details of the new view of Gmail

Among its features, it has bubbles for notifications. Entering Google Chat shows a complete list of conversations and Spaces from a single screen. It also lets you see your mail inbox and labels from the main Gmail screen.

This design will continue to be developed in the coming months. Google plans to make it possible to search Chat conversations from the inbox search bar, something that until now required opening Chat.

In April, all users will begin to receive the new design by default in the mail service, although they will be able to return to the previous one through the Gmail settings. But by the end of the second quarter the new integrated view will become the standard Gmail experience and users will no longer be able to go back to the old one. At that time, chats will also be searchable from the inbox bar.

Source: dpa

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