Google eliminates continuous scrolling in searches

Starting this Tuesday, Google resumed searching by results in the desktop version, eliminating continuous scrolling. What they seek is to avoid results that the user did not request

This Tuesday, June 25, the technology company Google eliminated continuous scrolling in searches from its desktop version to resume navigation based on displayed pages.

According to the company, what is sought is greater efficiency and speed in displaying the results, since those that the user has not requested are avoided.

Continuous, or infinite, scrolling will also soon disappear from mobile phones. For the moment, it was removed from the desktop version taking into account survey results in which some users indicated that it was not entirely satisfactory.

According to the specialized portal Xataka, users who still have continuous scrolling activated will soon stop seeing it and the page will “show a pagination bar that will allow us to access a numbered list of results pages.”


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(Reference image source: in Unsplash)

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