Apple announces the Apple Vision Pro, its mixed reality glasses

The Apple Vision Pro are called mixed reality glasses, since they combine augmented reality and virtual reality in an unprecedented way

The technology giant Apple presented its first mixed reality glasses, called Apple Vision Pro, which represents the new stage of the Californian company.

The glasses will be priced at $3,499 and will hit the market in 2024. They will feature a new operating system and coprocessor that will accompany the Apple Silicon M2.

They are called mixed reality glasses, since they combine augmented reality and virtual reality in a way that has not been seen before.

Its direct rivals focused on a beacon system to recreate virtual reality, or on the projection of content in our environment to create augmented reality.

“VisionOS features a new three-dimensional interface that makes digital content look and feel present in a user’s physical world. By dynamically responding to natural light and casting shadows, it helps the user understand scale and distance. To enable user navigation and interaction with spatial content, Apple Vision Pro introduces an entirely new input system controlled by a person’s eyes, hands, and voice.” indicated Apple during its official presentation.

Apple glasses have different interfaces that adapt to different environments, as well as configurations designed for each of the applications that run on it.

The interface allows you to zoom both in the multimedia content and in the applications themselves. The goal is for it to always adapt to the environment and for the user to have control over its size.

The three-dimensional interface has support for Apple’s own AirPods, as well as Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. It is capable of projecting a screen of up to 100 inches, as well as playing 3D content.

Despite being compatible with iOS and iPadOS apps, the app store was completely redesigned for this operating system. The store is a completely new platform for developers to start working on their solutions.

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(Reference image source: Apple, via web)

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