French National Assembly divided after second round of elections

A country without tradition of coalitions or alliances faces a divided Parliament after the second round this Sunday, July 7. The left achieved a slight majority; The ruling party follows, and the extreme right came in third place

This Sunday, July 7, the second round of the parliamentary elections in France was held. The results are disconcerting, particularly in a country without a tradition of coalitions or political alliances.

The New Popular Front (NFP), made up of the Socialist Party and La Francia Insumisa (LFI) of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, obtained 182 deputies, to which 13 left-wing independents were added.

Macron’s party came in second place, obtaining 168 seats in the National Assembly. And in third place was the extreme right, with 143 legislators. There are also 45 deputies from the conservative group Los Republicanos and other right-wing independent candidates with another 15 seats in the lower house.

The disparity in numbers causes confusion. Amid the results, the French Prime Minister, the liberal Gabriel Attal, has resigned, although President Emmanuel Macron has asked him to remain in office provisionally.

Given the decision of Attal, whose replacement corresponds exclusively to the President of the Republic, “the main leaders of the NFP, such as Mélenchon and the socialist general secretary Olivier Faure, have already demanded that this attribution be given to someone from the left coalition.”



(Reference image source: Anthony Choren in Unsplash)

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