EOS Venezuela launches online event for three days

Considered the largest community on EOS in Spanish made from today and until Wednesday 13 an informative event on the benefits of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, dApps and other current concepts

Venezuela, a country with an economy in crisis and exposed to the highest inflation rate in the world, hosts the online event “Camp EOS – The world of dApps”, from today and until Thursday 13 at 4:00 p.m. The organizer is EOS Venezuela, the largest Spanish-speaking community in this cryptocurrency.

Through its Twitter account, the company disclosed details of the camp and invited the public to participate to obtain information on current issues such as decentralized technology, digital currency, useful applications in this ecosystem, “EOS Block Producers”, local economy, monetization, mining, transactions and much more.

This is an activity + podcast organized from their Discord server with a clear objective: to spread and promote the knowledge related to the functioning of EOS, the world of decentralized applications (dApps) and to help create a crypto community.

In the camp participate experts who will talk about dApps, trading, cryptocurrencies, in addition to giving advice and details about Murmur, Karma, CryptoPeso, Everypedia, CryptoLocal, Voice, PixEOS, among others. There will be a Q&A session to clarify all the doubts that may arise.

It is important to highlight that EOS Venezuela is a Stand by Block Producer elected in the EOS blockchain, which means that the owners of this digital currency will be able to “vote the organizations that carry out the maintenance and mining of the chain.” We use this technical work as a platform to promote, educate and capitalize ideas and solutions for the common person, since expanding the community is expanding the impact. “


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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