De facto dollarization increases inequality, affirmed José Guerra

According to the deputy of the National Assembly (AN) and economist, José Guerra, the de facto dollarization that is taking place in Venezuela is increasing social inequality by not taking place through official mechanisms.

Guerra mentioned that there is currently a still life economy with imported goods 100% more expensive than what they cost in the US and, on the other hand, 80% of the population that cannot acquire these goods, due to the deterioration of their purchasing power, as a consequence of a growing hyperinflationary process.

“While the government accepts dollarization as a necessary evil, it completely rules out making this process official, firstly because it does not have the resources to change the bolivars that are in the economy and, on the other, in this process of sanctions, it is ruled out some type of understanding with the Federal Reserve of the United States “, explains the economist.

However, for the political leader, the use of foreign currency continues to grow, to the extent that at the moment in the capital, more than 60% of operations are carried out in currencies other than the bolivar, but in border areas more than 80% of transactions in international currency.

G. Febres

With information from national media and social networks

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