China defends companies sanctioned by the United States

The Minister of Commerce of the Asian country described the sanctions as a transgression of international trade regulations and an abuse of export control

Chen Deming, Ministry of Commerce of China, rejected on his website the sanctions by the United States Government against 23 Chinese companies for their alleged collaboration with the abuses against Muslim minorities in Xinjiang, defining them as a “serious violation of international trade standards.”

The US sanctions are “an irrational crackdown on Chinese companies” and he urged the United States to “correct its irregularities,” he points out in the statement released by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. In addition, he stressed that the Asian country “will take the necessary measures to protect its rights and legitimate interests.”

As you will recall, last Friday the US Department of Commerce announced the inclusion of Chinese companies in its List of Entities, which includes a set of companies and organizations to which US companies cannot export or transfer goods.

According to the information released by the State Department, 14 of the sanctioned companies are accomplices “in Beijing’s campaign of repression, mass detention and surveillance of Uighurs, Kazakhs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang.” Five were included for ties with the Chinese military and four for doing business with companies that had already been sanctioned by the US Government.

The Chinese authorities consider that “the United States abuses export control, ignores the facts and uses so-called ‘human rights’ as an excuse”.

In recent years there have been complaints about the situation of some foreigners and other Muslim minorities, who “are being interned in guarded facilities.” However, Beijing denies that there are human rights violations in the region.

M. Rodríguez


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