Bitcoin climbs back to $ 50,000

The most important cryptocurrency in the world did not reach this price since May of this year

On the night of August 22, bitcoin reached the $ 50,000 milestone again, something that it had not achieved since May of this year.

Now, the world of cryptocurrencies is waiting on whether this will mark the recovery of the asset or if it is just a temporary jump.

It should be remembered that this week the annual summit of the United States Federal Reserve will take place in Jackson Hole, which could strongly shake the world of cryptocurrencies.

There has been concern over the fact that bitcoin has not passed the $ 50,000 mark this weekend.

Everything, from low volumes to a bearish Wyckoff distribution event, was visible on social media by those who weren’t convinced of the market’s strength. However, the asset remained at the classically psychologically significant price level.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

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