BitBase company plans to bring bitcoin ATMs to Venezuela

The Spanish company BitBase is managing the procedures with the government and the private sector to bring bitcoin ATMs to Venezuela

Enrique de los Reyes, representative of BitBase in Venezuela, declared that the company is in the process of conversations with the authorities of the Venezuelan Government, as well as with private companies and the banking sector with the purpose of completing the procedures to bring and install ATMs from bitcoin for the country.

According to Reyes, BitBase has been interested in offering cryptocurrency buying and selling services in Venezuela for approximately five years. “I have never taken my eyes off Venezuela in terms of opportunity and business; especially now that a commercial opening is taking place”, he pointed out.

Some experts in the cryptographic sector indicate that Venezuela occupies the seventh position among the countries with the highest level of adoption of cryptocurrencies, which is why international companies are interested in the commercial sector and make investments that allow them to increase their operations in the Venezuelan market.

The businessman in the Venezuelan market is of great relevance, especially since 2014 when he began handling cryptos. “We cannot forget Venezuela, which due to the country’s need has adopted cryptocurrencies since 2014.”

M Rodríguez


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