Banks of the world increase their gold reserves

The different banks of the world have chosen to include more of this material, at the differential of the dollar that has lowered its level in the international coffers

The central banks of the world are increasing their gold reserves, and at the same time lowering the amount of dollars in recent decades.

Recent data from the World Gold Council reveals that gold reserves in 2021 reached their highest value in 31 years.

Central banks around the world are turning their backs on the dollar and opting instead of the dollar for gold reserves, which have not stopped growing in recent decades.

Central banks have increased their reserves of the precious metal by more than 4,500 tonnes in the last decade. In September alone, reserves amounted to some 36,000 tonnes, the highest since 1990 and 15% more than in the previous decade.

All this process of holding gold began to take place in 2009, until that date banks and public institutions used to sell to increase their reserve assets in dollars.

K. Tovar

Source: Globovision

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