Bancamiga launches the “Together we make a team” campaign

“Dream and do it big. Believe, grow and let no one stop you" is the leitmotiv that unites five passionate and committed Venezuelans who left behind endless obstacles to achieve their goals

“Together we make a team” is the name of the campaign that Bancamiga launches this Thursday at 10:00 pm, in which five Venezuelans with unlimited talent join the institution as its representatives to share how their path to overcome obstacles was and achieve your dreams big.

Antonio DíazFederico PisaniAmanda DudamelHenry González and Deyna Castellanos affirm that you can never stop believing in yourself, even if nobody does. To achieve your dreams you will fall one and many times, but you have to keep trying. It is the only way to make what you most desire in life come true.

The commercial that premieres on Simple TV and Social Networks, within the framework of the Opening Day of the Major Leagues, was born nine months ago by the filmmaker Alberto (Beto) Arvelo, in order to show the world a group of men and women born in Venezuela, with a high sense of belonging for what they do, identified with their country and committed to doing good and being an example for others.

In a discipline led by the Japanese, Antonio Díaz became the first Venezuelan, Latin American and American karate world champion, after seven attempts. A convincing demonstration that you never have to give up.

Since he was a child, Federico Pisani imagined that he would be a climber, an activity that inspired him and led him to read adventure and mountain books. Unlike most climbers who think about reaching the Olympic Games, “Fuco” was driven to climb big mountains, but in order to explore the tepuis. This allowed him to combine climbing with biology, his two great passions.

Even though everyone thought it was crazy, he never hesitated to sleep for almost two weeks climbing a rock face to achieve what he wanted. No one had done it and he did it. For 10 days he climbed the Wei-Assipu Tepuy, also known as Roraimita in Guayana. He did it with the National Geographic team, and the expedition found some 20 species of frogs, some of them unknown.

Deyna Castellanos


The dream of our universal viceroy of beauty, Amanda Dudamel, was always to represent Venezuela. She wanted to be a fashion designer to help people. She was passionate about designing ideas, designing the future, designing dreams. Today she is the owner of her eponymous brand and creative director of “Made in Petare”, a non-profit handbags and accessories firm that seeks to empower, train and educate mothers and children in this popular community. With the resources generated from the sale of the pieces, she supports the “A couple for a dream” foundation, in charge of feeding more than 800 children in different sectors of Petare.

Henry González wanted to be a baseball player and later a climber, but one day a camera fell into his hands. He was 15 years old when he began to take his brother’s Minolta without permission to go photograph in Ávila. Since 1983 she has documented the landscapes of Venezuela and the world, with special emphasis on the nature of the Guiana massif.

He owns a visual archive with more than 20,000 photographs, and his life has led him to be a book editor. He has four publications behind him: An adventure called Tepuy (2006), Amazonia Orinoquia, river people (2008), Auyantepui infinito (2019) and the most recent was Ávila, sierra grande, which was sponsored by Bancamiga.

At 23 years old, Deyna Castellanos has fulfilled the dream of many. She has played in two very important European leagues such as the Spanish and now the English, and in two clubs with great experience such as Atlético de Madrid and Manchester City of England.

However, she knew that it would not be easy. She was aware that the possibilities of playing soccer were limited, and being a soccer player was not common in her country. But she also knew that with impetus and passion, no one could stop her. With each goal that she scored, she opened a path for other Venezuelans and for other women.

“Dream and do it big. Believe, grow and let no one stop you”, is the leitmotiv of the four-minute piece written, produced and directed by Alberto Arvelo, whose filmography includes films such as Libertador (2013), Tocar y Luchar (2006). , Havana, Havana (2004), A house with a sea view (2001) and A life and two errands (1997), among others.

Amanda Dudamel


A 100 % Bancamiga production

During the preparation of the script and all the production and direction work, Arvelo had the support of a team that at Bancamiga was made up of Alberto Camardiel, director of Means of Payments and Channels; Randy Carrero, VP of Audiovisual Production; Paula Vargas, VP of Marketing and Amalia Llorca, VP of Communications.

“It was an honor to make this production for Bancamiga, because it shows how success is associated with passion and perseverance. With “Together we make a team” we want to show five Venezuelans who fight to build a better society and a better future. It is this limitless search for what they yearn for, desire and dream of that moves Antonio, Fuco, Amanda, Henry and Deyna, who like any human being face vicissitudes on their way, but get up and continue forward. This is what Bancamiga wanted to transmit to the country and the world”, explains and concludes in a document shared by the financial institution.

Below you can follow the countdown of the premiere as well as enjoy the stimulating audiovisual piece

With information from Bancamiga

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