Bancamiga extends the benefits at its points of sale

From now on, people will be able to play El Terminalito from the Cojedes Lottery, Triple Zulia from the Zulia Lottery and Ruleta Royal (animalitos) from the Aragua Lottery at the Bancamiga POS. The trade receives 7 % of the play

The innovation that characterizes Bancamiga’s products and services is multiplying more and more at its points of sale, which from now on allow you to play El Terminalito from the Cojedes Lottery, Triple Zulia from the Zulia Lottery and Ruleta Royal (animalitos) from the Aragua Lottery, indicates a statement from the institution.

With the incorporation of these three lotteries, merchants will receive 7 % of the play, which will undoubtedly boost their growth, which already has a perfect ally in the Bancamiga POS by offering the possibility of recharging services that generate profits for those who They offer this facility to the public.

If the player hits the Terminalito wins 70 times the bet. Also, by the Approximation mode you can win five times what you play, if your terminal is one number above or below the number selected in the draw. In the case of Triple Zulia, he receives 7,000 bolívares for every 10 bets. And with Ruleta Royal you win 30 times the stake.

Bancamiga amplía los beneficios en sus puntos de venta

More benefits and profits for those who provide this facility to the public

The new offers are added to the possibility of recharging Digitel, Movistar, Movilnet, Simple TV and Inter, canceling the Cantv bill, sealing the 5Y6 and playing El Andinito of the Táchira Lottery.

The institution explains that “to have the Lottery module or any of the other services at your Bancamiga Point of Sale, you only have to download it by entering Bancamiga online ► Other services ► POS Management ► Select Lottery. The next step is at the POS, where the merchant must download the parameters.”

The process of playing is very simple and fast. The player selects in the Lottery POS and then the Operators, where Terminalitos, Triple (A or B) and Ruleta Royal (animalitos) will be displayed. Choose the time you want and then your plays, with the particular amount of each one. Only the first time in the POS the player’s ID number, bank code and telephone number affiliated with the Interbank Mobile Payment are placed. Once registered, it is only necessary to provide the ID number, the statement added.

In partnership with Soluciones Integrales Tecnológicas (SITCA), the Bancamiga POS are the most versatile and complete on the market. They are for immediate delivery, wireless, have contactless technology, have WiFi, encrypted security and a touch screen. In addition to the commission to the merchant for each recharge or payment of services that is made, the client receives his liquidation 365 days a year.

The executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel Martínez, said that Bancamiga Banco Universal will continue to consider the “acquisition” processes as fundamental. And the only way is to achieve it efficiently and innovating with products and services supported by meeting customer requirements and with technological strength as a premise.

With information from Bancamiga

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