Bancamiga adds more payment options to its platform

Now the clients of the Venezuelan banking institution will be able to cancel Movistar postpaid and Inter

There are more and more options that Bancamiga offers its customers to facilitate their transactions, after incorporating Movistar postpaid and Inter payments into its mobile application this week.

Through Bancamiga Suite, customers could now recharge the prepaid Movistar, Digitel prepaid, Simple TV and Puro Pago services, as well as the Currency Card.

The process to cancel Movistar postpaid and Inter is very simple and fast. Enter Bancamiga Suite and go to Mobile Payment. The six icons will then appear. Select the one of your interest and proceed to complete the requested information. In the case of the mobile phone company, customers must enter the contract number and the amount to be paid, while for Inter recharge the data that is requested is the identification number.

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If it is a prepaid Movistar or prepaid Digitel, establish the amount and the phone number that you are going to recharge, while with Simple TV it incorporates the access card number and the amount. In the case of Puro Pago, specify the identification number and the amount. With the Currency Card you must indicate the Destination Account (CASH or Foreign Currency) and the amount to recharge.

With these new facilities, the banking institution empowers Bancamiga Suite and makes transactions and inquiries more direct, easier and faster.

In addition to the mobile application, customers of the banking institution, a leader in technological innovation, can recharge Movistar, Digitel and Inter, Simple TV and the Foreign Currency Card (virtual and physical) through Internet Banking They can also do it at the Bancamiga points of sale, where together with recharging Digitel, Movilnet, Movistar, Inter and Simple TV, they can stamp the 5y6 and play El Andinito de la Lotería del Táchira.

With information from Bancamiga

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