Argentina eliminated regulations on mobile phone, cable and Internet prices

The government of Argentina, through the National Telecommunications Entity (Enacom), announced the liberalization of prices for mobile telephone, cable and Internet services, thus eliminating the limit of between 5 and 10 % per month on rates

Through an official bulletin from the National Telecommunications Entity (Enacom) of Argentina, the government of Javier Milei announced the elimination of regulations on the price of mobile telephone, cable and Internet services.

Resolution 13, dated Thursday, June 27, indicates: “Repeal the Enacom Resolutions”, concerning the limits of between 5 and 10 % per month on rates for said services.

The measure was signed by “the auditor of the organization designated by the Government, Juan Martín Ozores, and by two other deputy auditors,” thereby eliminating the regulations of the previous administration, authorizing telecommunications companies to establish price increases they may consider.

The Milei administration had taken legal measures regarding restrictions on public information and communications technology (ICT) services imposed by the previous government. In fact, there is a decree of necessity and urgency (DNU) issued in April.

In any case, it is important to highlight that the Argentine population has been taking measures to reduce expenses on telecommunications services. “A recent study by the Argentine Internet Chamber (Cabase) indicated that 67.5 % of Argentine households took some measure to cut the cost of internet service, and that 65.3 % also reduced their expenses on pay television services.

The cost of internet service currently represents 4 % of monthly income, compared to 2024, when it was 3 %. “The UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development proposed as a goal for 2025 that the costs of broadband services, fixed and mobile, will represent from 5 to less than 2 percent of the gross monthly national income per capita of each country.”



(Reference image source: Scott Rodgerson in Unsplash)

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