Apple restricted more than $ 1 billion in fraudulent operations

The company founded by Steve Jobs, during 2021 blocked a significant number of fraudulent operations in its official store

Apple blocked nearly $ 1.5 billion of potentially fraudulent transactions in 2021 as part of its App Store efforts to protect users from malicious or illicit activity.

The company founded by Steve Jobs uses various tools to detect illicit behavior, from App Review, which mixes automatic detection systems with a team of human reviewers to identify applications with potential problems or that may violate the rules of the digital store, to Discovery Fraud, to identify potential app, account, and even review fraud.

App Review, and especially the manual review process that workers do, “serves as a critical line of defense to help protect users from bad actors“, according to the company in a statement, where it collects the latest results of your annual fraud analysis for the past year.

This tool has allowed “reject or remove” in 2021 more than 835,000 new applications for presenting problems and 805,000 application updates. More than 34,500 apps were also rejected for having “hidden or undocumented features” and another 157,000 for being spam, copycats or displaying misleading behavior towards users.

The report data shows that the platform denied the publication in the App Store to more than 343,000 applications for requesting more data from users than was necessary for its operation.

When it comes to fraudulent activity, Apple acted on accounts, reviews, and transfers. In the latter case, its anti-fraud tool, which also combines automated systems with human reviews, prevented more than 3.3 million stolen cards from being used to make purchases and banned nearly 600,000 accounts from further transactions.

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