Apple prepares for the Type-C port

Future models of the Apple company could have this type of input integrated, replacing the Lightning port

Apple is working on future models of its iPhone phone in which it would replace the Lightning port with a USB type C port, which would be accompanied by an adapter to continue using accessories with the brand’s own connector.

The European Union intends to make USB-C the common charger for electronic devices with the aim of reducing electronic waste and increasing convenience for the consumer, who would only need a standard charger.

This decision mainly affects Apple, since most of its products (equipment and accessories) incorporate a Lightning port, while the use of the USB type C port is widespread among Android phones and tablets.

Apple already has some iPad and Mac models with USB-C, and is now working on new iPhone phones that would incorporate this charger, and not its own, as Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman points out.

This change would not materialize in the 2022 iPhone lineup, but in next year’s. A fact that coincides with that shared by the also analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Specifically, this person indicates in a series of tweets that the new iPhone with USB-C would arrive in the second half of 2023, and that the movement would improve the speed of data transfer and charging.

Gurman also mentions that Apple would be working on an adapter that can be used with accessories that still have the Lightning port, since, as Kuo also points out, there will be a couple of years in which both ports will coexist in the technology company’s products. as the supply of accessories with the new port increases.

K. Tovar

Source: Cinco Días

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