Apple announces anti-spyware security solution

The company created an alternative that allows you to combat spyware using an isolation mode and a protection mode

Apple announced initiatives aimed at users who suffer personal attacks from sophisticated cyber threats, including Lockdown Mode, a protection or isolation mode.

This is the first functionality of its category, which will be presented soon and will be integrated into iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, according to Apple in a statement.

The isolation mode is defined as an optional use feature to protect the user who may be the victim of cyberattacks considered sophisticated. That is, those developed by private organizations with state support. This is the case of NSO Group, an Israeli company that has developed Pegasus spyware.

The company explained that activating this mode further strengthens the device’s defenses and limits some of its functionality to reduce the surface area that can potentially be targeted by spyware.

From the day of its launch, the “Isolation” mode will include various protections. For one thing, most non-image attachment types will be blocked in the Messages app, and various features, such as web link preview, will be disabled.

On the other hand, when browsing the Internet, this new mode will not allow the operation of certain complex web technologies, such as the “just-in-time” (JIT) compilation of JavaScript, unless the user manually excludes a specific site that considers trustworthy to execute this technique.

K. Tovar

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