ANSA proposes to the Executive four days a year without VAT

The National Association of Supermarkets and Self-Services (ANSA) made a proposal to the Venezuelan government to implement four days a year without Value Added Tax (VAT) to encourage consumption

The president of the National Association of Supermarkets and Self-Services (ANSA), Italo Atencio, indicated that the proposal for four days without Value Added Tax (VAT) to stimulate consumption was delivered to the Ministry of Commerce.

Atencio recently pointed out that it is not a new initiative, but based on experience in other countries, such as Colombia and Ecuador, where sales have seen a notable increase with the temporary elimination of VAT.

The president of ANSA maintains that the objective is to break the inertia of the commercial dynamic by stimulating consumption. In an interview for Unión Radio, he stressed that last year consumption in the supermarket and self-service sector was low, but that this year an increase between 4 and 5 % is expected.

The proposal for four days without VAT is aimed at allowing people to make additional purchases per kilo in items such as pasta, meat or corn flour, which are part of the Venezuelan’s basic basket.

Atencio mentioned that changes in national regulations and time are required to implement the proposal. On the other hand, he indicated that it is necessary to resolve the problem of the purchasing power of the population, since although consumption increased in the first quarter of 2024, it is not about necessities but rather snacks or cookies, which was 15 %.


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(Reference image: Nathália Rosa on Unsplash)

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