Amanda Dudamel: “With Bancamiga we are going to promote projects that leave a positive impact”

The new Bancamiga ambassador is convinced that in life you have to inspire with messages and transform with actions

As an example of the Venezuelan woman, Amanda Dudamel is enterprising and supportive, creative and authentic. She is a designer, viceroy of universal beauty and now an ambassador for Bancamiga, a company with which she says she feels “very identified” both because of her team values and because of the energy she feels in each of the offices of she.

Although last Friday the world learned about the alliance between Bancamiga and the young woman born 23 years ago in Mérida in the final of the Caribbean Series, on the morning of Tuesday, February 14, the relationship was formalized.

“I am very happy with this agreement. There is a beautiful synergy with the whole team and I know that we are going to do wonderful things together, because we really have common values. We are both looking to add more and more to the country and build the best version of Venezuela.”

Dudamel is the owner of her eponymous brand and creative director of “Made in Petare”, a non-profit handbags and accessories firm that seeks to empower, train and educate mothers and children in the community. With the resources generated from the sale of the pieces, she supports the “Un par por un sueño” foundation, in charge of feeding more than 800 children in different sectors of Petare.

“This is going to be a very enriching experience. More than being the official image, there are many initiatives that are to come and that are going to make our path spectacular. From the beginning I told Bancamiga that together we are going to look for part of that seal that I have left as a Venezuelan woman, promoting projects that leave behind a positive impact”, added the CEO of her clothing brand “By Amanda Dudamel”.

A universal ambassador

For the Executive President of Bancamiga, Ariel José Martínez Coujil, it is an “honor” that Amanda Dudamel becomes Bancamiga’s official Ambassador starting this Tuesday. “Her talent and her human quality are two of the virtues that guide her day to day, and of which our institution is proud.”

“With her presence, Bancamiga seeks to promote among Venezuelans the desire to believe in oneself, to design their life plan and to fight hard to achieve their goals.”

Martínez Coujil affirmed that Amanda Dudamel is an example of the country that does not stop and a true reflection of the talent of a young, successful bank, constantly growing, innovative and oriented towards the development of products and services that “affect the quality of life of our customers”.

With information from Bancamiga

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