Advances in ocular regeneration with stem cells

The Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research offers new hope to patients with various eye conditions and who require corneal regeneration

The Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), through the Cell Therapy Unit, incorporated corneal regeneration protocols with stem cells in patients who suffered alkali burns and jaw joint regeneration.

According to the IVIC, it is just a few steps away from starting two new protocols and they assure that the UTC will be a pioneer in Venezuela regarding corneal regeneration.

“We have been working hard for more than a year and we are ready to apply this treatment,” explained Dr. José Cardier, head of the UTC, during his participation in the videoconference held for the 62nd anniversary of the IVIC.

He assured that Venezuela also made a huge leap in this field of regenerative medicine, mainly because the UTC of the IVIC has a team of scientists of very high level and commitment.

Source: doblellave

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