Acer should have to pay $50 million after suffering a cyberattack

Hackers leaked information from the Taiwanese firm, such as bank balance sheets and financial sheets

In recent times, there have been numerous attacks that have occurred on the network and this time it was the turn of the computer company Acer, which suffered a ransomware cyberattack, the same virus that affected SEPE systems approximately two weeks ago.

During the hack, cybercriminals managed to leak information from the Taiwanese firm, such as bank balance sheets and financial sheets. According to local media Bleeping Computer, the attackers are trading with these files on the Dark Web, a common practice that serves as a measure of pressure on victims to accept payments for the requested ransom.

Its extortion method is characterized by its “great evasion capacity and the large number of measures it takes to avoid being detected by antivirus engines“, as specified by the aforementioned media.

According to the conversations between Acer and the group of attackers, which began on March 14, there was talk of a request for 50 million dollars in exchange for the software necessary to decrypt the information, an analysis of the vulnerability used to enter in the systems and the elimination of the leaked data.

Given the recent attacks carried out on numerous companies in these times of pandemic, Josep Albors, head of research and awareness at the cybersecurity company ESET, reported that in recent months “we are seeing how the attacks using ransomware are less massive and they are more directed against specific objectives with more economic capacity” and although the cases are not greater, large profits can be generated.

K. Villarroel

Source: abc

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