Acer introduces ebii, its AI-powered electric bike

Ebii is the new launch of Acer, it is an electric bicycle that is driven by Artificial Intelligence, which offers a range of 110 km and safety features

Acer introduced the ebii Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered electric bike. It has a range of 110 kilometers and is capable of charging its battery to 100 percent in two and a half hours. It includes various safety features that ensure “worry-free” driving.

The manufacturer of computers and IT products has entered the electric bicycle market with a model designed for urban commuting. But, above all, it stands out for adding artificial intelligence to its functions. To do this, it uses an intelligent control box that automatically adapts driving to road conditions, thanks to ebiiAssist.

As the company has detailed in a statement, this electric bicycle includes a “highly efficient” 250/350 W motor, with which it allows assisted driving of up to 25 kilometers per hour. In addition, with the ebiiAssist function, the motor adapts to the user’s pedaling power and the AI ​​even learns the way the cyclist pedals over time for “a more personalized experience”.

The cyclist will be able to choose between three driving modes. On the one hand the Eco Mode, to save energy; there is also the My ebii Mode, for an intelligent balance; and finally Boost Mode, to adjust engine speed and power based on current road conditions and distance to destination.

As for autonomy, ebii includes a removable battery built with a “high integrity” design from MPS Energy, which claims to last up to 110 kilometers and is capable of charging 100 percent in two and a half hours. In addition, the AI ​​helps extend battery life to “stand up for a full day’s drive,” thanks to optimized power distribution.

Users can remove the battery from the bike easily. Thus, Acer points out that the battery pack can become a portable charger for other devices or connect a handle to transport it comfortably.

The Acer ebii electric bicycle is light and has a discreet but striking design (Reference image source: social networks)
The Acer ebii electric bicycle is light and has a discreet but striking design (Reference image source: social networks)

Regarding its design, it is a bicycle made with a “resistant and compact” aluminum alloy chassis, and weighs 16 kilos. According to Acer, it has a “understated but striking” look, with smooth edges and a matte white finish with some black parts. It also has an intelligent LED display located in the center of the handlebar that shows useful information for the cyclist such as the route or the remaining battery time.

On the other hand, ebii includes airless tires that are made with multi-layer foam inserts. As detailed by Acer, the design of these tires is designed to “eliminate the worry” of possible punctures in the tires, in addition, they have been created with recyclable materials.

ebii offers multiple security features

Following this thread, the bike offers multiple safety features such as the headlight and tail light, which automatically light up in the dark. It also has additional lighting under the control box to increase visibility on night driving occasions.

It also has a rear collision warning radar sensor located under the seat. It notifies the user in the event that objects or other vehicles are approaching from the rear. Acer also points to accident detection and bike status notification features.

Most of the advantages that ebii offers are provided by the AI ​​technology that comes with the bike. In fact, Acer emphasizes that it also takes advantage of “big data”, since it collects information from users through the ebiiGO companion application. With this ‘app’, cyclists can connect their phone to their electric bike via Bluetooth, and then use ebiiGO to access extra functions such as recommended routes, battery life, riding speed and unlock settings. automatic, among others, for “greater control over your urban adventures.”

Another app that users can access is ebiiRide, a customizable mission control app. It works with the bike’s ebiiAssist AI, and with it, settings can be accessed to, for example, ensure riders never run out of power on the road.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: ACER, Europa Press / dpa)

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