Yenom presents a new BCH payment protocol

The developers of Yenom have revealed that they are working on a protocol for the BCH ecosystem

Experts from Yenom, Shun Usami, Taiki Uchida and Aoi Serikawa have proposed a new wallet scheme for the global Bitcoin Cash network. The proposal called Deep Link Payment Protocol (DLPP) is a link scheme linked to a wallet app with a callback URL.

The concept is similar to BIP21, a URI formula that allows users to pay for products simply by clicking on a link. In essence, the proposed scheme offers an equivalent communication between the wallet and other applications.

The characteristics of DLPP detail that the current experience with digital wallets are not easy to use and payments in cryptographic currencies take many more steps than they should. With the proposed scheme, the payment link opens within the portfolio software and all the user has to do is confirm the payment.

While mobile clients do not act on a URL callback without the consent of the wallet owner, the protocol can eliminate three of the five steps normally required by traditional wallets. According to the Yenom team, a reference implementation of DLPP will arrive soon.

Shun Usami states the following: “When the wallet application completes the requested behavior, the wallet pings the callback URL.”


Source: InfoCoin

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