Xiaomi to launch new CC9 Pro mobile phone with 5 rear cameras

The company announced the launch of the new product scheduled for November 5. The main camera of the phone will offer 108 megapixels

Xiaomi has a date for the presentation of its new CC9 Pro smartphone. The device, which promises new features concerning ​​image and photo management, will be launched on November 5.

Through the Chinese social network Weibo the company released the news and unveiled some details of the mobile equipment. “It will include five rear cameras – the main 108 megapixel (MP) – and an optical zoom of up to 5 magnifications.” The cameras will be arranged vertically.

During a technology event that will take place on Tuesday, November 5, Xiaomi will launch this new phone to the market, to satisfy the interests of users who love to take pictures and enjoy the right tools for it.

Company spokesmen said that with the innovations included in the product they seek to create the “most powerful imaging system in Xiaomi’s history.”

The launch of the CC9 Pro smartphone is not the only surprrise from Xiaomi. Through Weibo the company announced the launch of a new smart watch in addition to the Xiaomi 5 TV.


Fuente: europapress

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