Xiaomi shows the advances of its cameras technology

The Chinese company has claimed that its mass production will begin next year

Xiaomi published on its blog that thanks to its third-generation under-screen camera technology, the company has “vastly improved the full-screen effect through self-developed pixel arrangement by optimizing the camera’s algorithm, which allows to show the same performance as conventional front cameras.”

The pixel arrangement used in its technology allows the display to pass light through the space between the sub-pixels, allowing each pixel to retain a full RGB sub-pixel layout without sacrificing pixel density.

In this sense, the company has stated that “the area above the integrated camera shows the same brightness, color gamut and color pressure as the rest of the screen.”

The third-generation under-display camera technology also adopts a special circuit design to hide more components under the RGB sub-pixels, further increasing the light transmission of the camera area below the screen.

In addition, Xiaomi has pointed out that the new camera under the screen “offers a completely updated photography experience, which matches the image performance of conventional front cameras”. Likewise, Xiaomi has stressed that it aims to bring this technology to the market next year.

Source: dpa

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