WT:Social, the new interactive “anti-Facebook” network

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and creator of the network, ensures that the new tool already has 200,000 users

The new WT: Social interaction tool promoted by the American company Wikipedia assured that it reached the market focused on promoting a news site and assured that the innovative thing is that if the portal has a deceitful owner its members will be able to edit it.

“We will give you the power to make your own decisions about the content that is offered to you and to directly edit deceptive headlines or publications that may be problematic,” reads the introductory paragraph of the WT:Social website.

The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, says that the new social network will never sell data of its users and that it relies on the “generosity of individual donors” and not on advertisements for their livelihood, for this reason it is called the “anti -Facebook”.

The subscription will cost $ 13 per month or US $ 100 per year. Prior to this, the users are registered on a waiting list where they are asked to invite a friend or choose any of the two payment cycles mentioned above. Once in the social network, users can enjoy the articles that their contacts share in a chronological timeline format in which the latest appears first, preventing the algorithm from deciding based on their interests.

As Wales himself announced in his Twitter social network account, this Monday the network already has more than 200,000 subscribers. However, it is known that WT:Social has a waiting list for new users due to the limited capacity of its server, but the network is expected to expand that capacity and also offer content in other languages.


Source: Elcomercio

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