Workforce automation grows in Latin America

There are many processes that are currently carried out by robots or artificial intelligence programs

One of the signs of the transformation of the industrial sector in Latin America is the growing incorporation of robots and automated systems in key areas of production in each country.

Although the workforce in the subcontinent still remains in the hands of humans, the presence of artificial intelligence in processes involving the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical and engineering industries, among others, is notable.

At first, the workers showed their concern for automation in production chains. The fear of being dismissed and being replaced by machines has been progressively dissipated by understanding that there will always be a human being behind the programming processes of each task.

It is not a science fiction story that comes true. It is really an adaptation of the production systems of repetitive activities to artificial intelligence and the inclusion of robotics.

The new generations entering the labor market in Latin America and the Caribbean do not have to worry about being replaced by robots. On the contrary, they should guide their studies towards increasingly competitive areas.


Source: TerminalC

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