Wikipedia incorporates bhc as a form of payment

The online encyclopedia reached an association with BitPay which will allow the support of the bitcoin fork

The Wikipedia website recently incorporated the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BHC) as a payment method for donations.

The director of payments and operations of the Wikimedia Foundation, Pats Pena, commented that donors had expressed for some time a “growing interest in different cryptocurrencies“.

“Our donors have shown increasing interest in different cryptocurrencies, so accepting Bitcoin Cash was a natural next step. We accept donations from all over the world, so it is very important that we process international donations efficiently and effectively”, said the director.

It should be noted that since 2014, the online encyclopedia accepts donations in Bitcoin (BTC), but thanks to the alliance with BitPay it will allow working with BHC.

The CEO of the startup, Sonny Singh explained that currently “Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are two of the most economical options available, since most of the money that is sent reaches the charity instead of disappearing in commissions”.

K. Tovar

Source: Coincrispy

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