WhatsApp will stop working as of January 31st

The famous application will make some changes to its platform leaving millions of mobile phones without the messaging service

The popular messaging application for smartphones, WhatsApp, has completed a major update that is called to revolutionize your messaging service as we know it. The company has called it the opportunity to support operating systems that are deemed obsolete.

However, the restructuring of the platform will have consequences. “Some of the benefits will stop working at any time from January 31st” until further notice, according to the company.

For the developers of the application, property of Facebook, “it is a difficult decision but the right one in order to provide people with the best way to stay in touch with their friends, family and loved ones.”

Although it is presumed that the absence of the service is for a few days, the affected phones will be all iPhone models that use an iOS 8 or earlier operating system, only those iPhone which can upgrade to iOS 9 version can enjoy the application. As with all terminals that have an Android operating system prior to version 4.0.3, known as Ice Cram Sandwich, will not be able to use WhatsApp.

For the restructuring of the platform, WhatsApp has announced a battery of seven new features that includes: an Internet browser within WhatsApp, an advanced search system in the conversations, the possibility of listening to voice notes without entering the message, the identification of profiles with a QR code, a new dark mode for battery saving, the function of self-destructing messages and a collection of photographic filters, similar to those that exist on Instagram but now integrated into WhatsApp.


Source: elmundo

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