WhatsApp will intensify control measures against false news

The instant messaging application, owned by the social network Facebook, will apply control measures in India

In its fight against the distribution of false news and rumors in India, the instant messaging platform WhatsApp has decided to apply new control measures, especially in the case of children and adolescents.

Regarding the forwarding of messages, spokespersons of the platform owned by Facebook have indicated that while in the rest of the world referrals may continue to be made in 20 groups, in India they will be limited to 5 groups.

Security authorities in the network admit that the control of false news requires forceful measures. Little has been achieved so far; however, WhatsApp will continue to fight in this regard.

In India, the situation in May and June with the dissemination of allegedly false news about the abduction of children led to the lynching of about twenty people.

This situation has led to the consolidation of security measures in the messaging platform that currently exceeds one billion users worldwide.


Source: El Heraldo

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