WhatsApp requests immediate update due to security failure

The developers of the application warn about a program that seeks the vulnerability of the users of the instant messaging network

Due to an internal security flaw, the developers of the WhatsApp messaging application asked their users to do an immediate update.

As detailed, said failure would have allowed a spyware program to enter the mobile phones of customers using the application.

This vulnerability opened the door for hackers to insert a “malicious program” into cell phones through a call to affected devices. It should be noted that the app is used by at least 1,500 million people in the world.

For now, the number of people affected, or who were the main targets of attack, is unknown; however, they assured that the American authorities are already aware of the situation.

Also the Data Protection Commission (CPD) was informed of the situation. “WhatsApp is still investigating to find out if WhatsApp users in the European Union have been affected by this incident.”

K. Tovar

Source: Telesurtv

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