WhatsApp Pay has been launched as a service in Brazil

The Latin American country was chosen as a pilot plan due to the number of users of the popular application in the region

The popular instant messaging application, WhatsApp, has launched a service that includes payment functions, called WhatsApp Pay, and will be available in Brazil as part of the tests carried out by the platform to guarantee its functionality.

The idea of ​​choosing Brazil as a pilot country is due to the number of users affiliated with the platform in the South American region. The company that owns the application, Facebook, was expected to apply this strategy to catch up with other similar applications and generate competition in the market.

In China, the most popular messaging application is WeChat and it has been integrated with features similar to those of WhatsApp and for several years has generated great demand in the Asian country.

Despite the fact that WhatsApp Pay is not the only project undertaken by Facebook, the company ensures that the application will be an innovation that will remain separate from the rest of the ideas promoted by the social network.

However, the Libra project is expected to continue to strengthen its roots in order to become a stable currency and create a mobile wallet. Expectations about the cryptocurrency could favor WhatsApp Pay, achieving an integration between the two and establishing in the future a new payment service system through the Facebook platform.


Source: criptoinforme

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