Whatsapp introduces the QR codes for its Business version

The instant messaging platform announced that thanks to this function, communications with other companies will be streamlined

WhatsApp, which recently added QR codes to its version for users, has now introduced this feature to its WhatsApp Business application, with which it makes communications with companies more rapid.

Last week, WhatsApp announced among other news the introduction of QR codes, a system that allows you to add contacts quickly, thus avoiding having to enter them manually and using the mobile camera instead.

This feature now reaches the platform, and allows users to start a chat with companies by scanning QR codes located in stores, product packaging or on purchase receipts, as reported by the company owned by Facebook in a statement.

When the QR code is scanned, a chat opens with an optional message predetermined by the company to start the conversation. Companies can use this tool to send information, such as their catalogs.

The QR codes are available starting this Thursday for companies around the world that use the WhatsApp Business application or the WhatsApp Business API.

K. Tovar

Source: TekCrispy

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