Waze launches emergency call to contact Carabineros in Chile

The Waze application thinking about the holidays made this useful feature available to its users in case of emergency

The Waze platform in Chile does not only serve to escape from the police controls on the road. Now the application reaches the Carabineros as allies on the way to the place where people will enjoy the next holidays.

The tool that unites the largest community of drivers around the world, launched the button “Emergency call“, a new function that without leaving the app, communicates the user directly with the Carabineros to the number 133.

To access the button in the application, you must follow the following steps: first, open the Waze application, then select the orange icon in the lower right margin, enter help and finally select the option “Emergency Call”.

If you are not yet part of the wazers community, log in to waze.com and download the application free of charge or from the App Store or Google Play Store, so you can start the year safely.


Source: Fayer Wayer

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