Water shortage affects bioeconomy

The lack of water puts at risk the agroforestry which is the large factory of renewable products

The bioeconomy is a new term, but it is nothing else than the sector of transformation of biological assets. The word represents the agroforestry ecosystem of all life. Undoubtedly, water is vital for agriculture and livestock.

Currently, the aforementioned industry is of great interest for the society. The key points are the words biological and renewable; both are necessary for a world without waste or polluting emissions.

The bioeconomy encompasses important economic sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food, bioenergy and all products that have a biological basis.

When thinking about the future, it is inevitable to express that new technologies and the need to fight against climate change will make the bioeconomy an important business opportunity.

However, the shortage of water jeopardizes the existence of the bioeconomy, since without the vital liquid there is no biological production. Water is essential for crops and industry.

With climate change, the appearance or development of droughts is accelerated. Thus, the prolonged absence of rain is a negative influence for the industry and the subsequent consumption.


Source: La Vanguardia

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