Volvo will incorporate safety cameras and sensors in its models

The Swedish automaker expects that by 2021 its cars will have cameras and sensors that will stop the car if they detect behaviors that put the driver at risk or may cause accidents

The Swedish automaker Volvo will include safety cameras and sensors in its vehicles with the firm desire to drastically reduce road deaths from car accidents.

Volvo plans to implement this initiative in 2020 to put an end to the distractions suffered by drivers and endanger both their lives and that of passersby in a few seconds.

The company aims to monitor “at all times the performance of the driver and thus be able to make decisions in real time, such as stopping the vehicle remotely.”

Taking control of the car will help ensure greater safety and reduce accidents that are normally fatal. Volvo has also indicated that from 2021 all models will have a maximum speed of 180 km / h as a warning message regarding the high rate of accidents on the roads.

Among the mechanisms and actions foreseen by the manufacturer before closed eyes, slow reactions, constant abandonment of the lane or prolonged lack of attention, it includes the progressive reduction of speed, sending alerts in the passenger compartment and, even, calls to the driver from the center of service “Volvo on Call”.

In 2021 Volvo will launch the Care Key feature, which will allow owners to “impose speed limits before presenting their vehicle to someone else.” Critics and doubts have emerged on the privacy of drivers and the implementation of surveillance technology to help change their behavior.


Source: Xataka

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