Visa together with a fintech to expand digital payments

The alliance will focus on implementing development programs without worrying about costs or time

The multinational financial services company Visa announced a five-year alliance with the Mexican company Cacao, known for being an “enabler of fintech companies” to expand its services in Latin America and the Caribbean.

As established between the two companies, the alliance will support the expansion of Cacao operations in key markets in the region, enabling fintech companies of all sizes to offer the capabilities of the multinational, promote innovation and accelerate market launch. with financial solutions and digital payments.

The future projection is that companies can focus on financial development in the continent with the implementation of card programs without having to worry about the complexity, cost or time required to establish internal processes and capacities for card issuance.

Arnoldo Reyes, Vice President of Digital Alliances, Fintech and Entrepreneurship for Visa Latin America and the Caribbean, assured that the multinational “works constantly to enable innovation, speed and agility that allow creating next-generation experiences for customers”

Reyes also assured that at the same time “we have the capabilities to accelerate the growth of fintechs and startups throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Our alliance with Cacao reflects our commitment, as a technology company, to support the evolution of the financial services industry in the region.”

K. Villarroel

Source: iproup

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