VersaBank opens a virtual security box for crypto companies

The Canadian bank plans to offer the virtual safe for exchanges of digital currencies and cryptographic investment funds

The financial institution VersaBank announced that its new VersaVault project has successfully completed beta testing. The Canadian digital bank plans to offer the virtual safe for the exchanges of cryptographic currencies and the investment funds to store digital assets.

The CEO of VersaBank, David Taylor, said that many are considering ideas and plans for a digital safe box, but they have built it and are now marketing the first service of its kind that provides the most sophisticated authentication and security technology available. all over the world and customers enjoy absolute privacy.

VersaBank hired Gurpreet Sahota, former chief cybersecurity architect, Blackberry smartphone maker, to lead the project in January of this year when the idea first emerged.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity and holders have already experienced that their valuable shares disappear from less secure digital storage options, the bank said in a statement.


Source: DiarioBitcoin

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